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Дистрибьютерийн систем нь худалдааны түншийн аюулгүй байдлыг хангах;

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Үйлдвэрлэлийн процедур бүрт гүйцэтгэх чанарын хяналтын систем;

Бид өөрсдийн лабораторитой. Дээжийн дүн шинжилгээ эсвэл задгай бүтээгдэхүүний үзлэг нь цаг үеэ олсон, тохь тухтай байх болно.


Хүргэлтийн хэвийн огноо: Хадгалснаас хойш 30 хоногийн дараа;

Манай брэндүүдийн хувьд: хадгаламжаас 14 хоногийн дараа онцгой нөхцөл байдал богино байж болно.


T / T (30% хадгаламж, BL-ийн хуулбарын эсрэг 70%);

L / C харах боломжтой;

Манай дистрибьютер байхын тулд таны арилжааны бүртгэлүүд үргэлж сайн гэж тэмдэглэгддэг бол бид мөнгөний хүндрэлээс аврахын тулд бараа бүтээгдэхүүнийг ямар ч хадгаламжгүйгээр хүргэдэг.

sevin insecticide label canada бичлэг

Sevin® Labels & SDS

Other. 2(ee) Recommendation, 61842-37 MT 0812 For Black Grass Bug Control in Perennial Grasses 2(ee) Recommendation, 61842-37 AZ 0812 Use on Citrus to Control Asian Citrus Psyllid 2(ee) Recommendation, 61842-37 FL 0812 For Use on Citrus to Control Asian Citrus Psyllid

Sevin SL Label - Bayer

Sevin SL 61380416B 161220AV2 etl SL 012919 w crops.qxp_Sevin SL 61380416B 161220AV2 etl SL 012919 w crops 1/29/19 1:45 PM Page 1. 2 4.5” ... Strictly observe label directions and restrictions. Do not apply this product in a way that will contact workers or other persons, either directly

Sevin SL Supplemental Label - Bayer

CARBARYL INSECTICIDE For MEDICAL And TRANSPORTATION Emergencies ONLY Call 24 Hours A Day 1-800-334-7577 For PRODUCT USE Information Call 1-800-331-2867 SL KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN CAUTION Specimen label is for demonstration purposes only, for product application consult product package label. Not all products are registered in all states.

Kill over 500 insects - Sevin® Insect Killer Concentrate ...

Pour the measured concentrate into your sprayer, add the appropriate amount of water, and mix well. Sevin ® Insect Killer Concentrate kills more than 500 insect pests by contact and keeps protecting for up to three months. + Kill and control unwanted insects in ornamental and edible s and other areas around your home. + Except Ticks

SEVIN brand 4F Carbaryl Insecticide - National Seed

SEVIN® brand 4F Carbaryl Insecticide is a suspension of microfine SEVIN® brand carbaryl insecticide in an aqueous medium. It readily It readily disperses in …

Insecticides Fungicides Herbicides - Bayer CropScience Canada

Sevin XLR Broad-spectrum insect control in a range of vegetable crops Group 1A Vegetable spray guide ... Bayer CropScience is a member of CropLife Canada. 03/10 – 12575 Fully systemic fungicide for many vegetable crops ... Please consult the individual product labels to ensure that your specific crop and pest is controlled/suppressed.


PMRA Approved Label, July 11, 2014 Submission 2014-0175, G.G. Sevin T&O Insecticide is a suspension of microfine SEVIN carbaryl insecticide in an aqueous medium. It readily disperses in water to form a spray which may be applied by air or ground equipment. READ THIS LABEL AND USE IN STRICT ACCORDANCE WITH DIRECTIONS AND CAUTIONS. PRECAUTIONS:

2012-0936 7-04 - UAP | Canada's Crop Protection & Crop ...

GROUP 1A INSECTICIDE Sevin® XLR CARBARYL INSECTICIDE LIQUID SUSPENSION For control of insect pests on forage, field, cereal, vegetable, tobacco and fruit crops COMMERCIAL READ THE LABEL AND BOOKLET BEFORE USING REGISTRATION NO. 27876 PEST CONTROL PRODUCTS ACT GUARANTEE: Carbaryl 42.8% by wt. (Contains 466 grams carbaryl per litre)

SV180 - Sevin 16oz Concentrate Label v20

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